Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Heather is an AMAZING photographer in Philadelphia.

She has a new exhibition in May, 2012 at THE AMERICAN SARDINE BAR,
1801 Federal St., Philadelphia.

This new show is called SEXY SINGLES! Not to be missed! The SEXY SINGLES photographs will be discussed in the following video interviews. PLEASE ENJOY!

Visit Heather's WEBSITE today!

PART ONE of interview:

PART TWO of interview:

PART THREE of interview:

PART FOUR of interview:

Heather took this photo for my book Advanced Elvis Course which is also the image of a Fact*Simile Press poetry baseball card

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Les Harrison is Philadelphia’s longest performing drag queen and is best known for his Shirley Bassey impersonation. Les was the first African American to break through the WHITES ONLY stage in the 1960's Philly drag scene. CAConrad's thirty-minute interview with Les (in 2 parts, below) touches on just a few of his accomplishments and adventures, from performing for Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz in Philadelphia, and with homophobic Elvis impersonators in Vegas.

Below you will also find posters and stills from his various shows.

PART ONE of interview
PART TWO of interview

(Les Harrison in the show FAKES in Las Vegas)

(Les, center, in FAKES, in Vegas)

(Les, bottom-left, in JOEY'S GIRLS, Philadelphia)

(Les, back-center, in The Doll Factory Revue, Philadelphia)

(Les performing in Philadelphia)

(Les Harrison)